What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a phenomenon that unites people and creates a sense of belonging. It is the style of dress, hairstyles, accessories and other lifestyle choices that reflects the changing tastes and trends over time. It is so powerful and influential that whole magazines are dedicated to it, TV programs devote hours of transmission time to it and people discuss it constantly amongst themselves.

While fashion is a phenomenon of the modern era, it also has its roots in different historical epochs. The appearance of certain styles may also be influenced by the popular culture of a given era, for example movies and music. This is why it’s quite easy to see a touch of a past era in the present day trends.

There are many definitions of fashion, but the most accepted one is “a distinctive way of dressing or behaving”. The word has also been synonymous with other terms such as style, mode, vogue, craze and fad. Style implies a distinctive look that is adopted by those who wish to appear elegant and sophisticated, while mode suggests the latest trend.

A fashion is usually introduced by a couturier who sets a specific ‘look’ and then sells it to other designers, who in turn create their own collections based on this style. These collections are then promoted and sold by fashion houses, boutiques and other stores. The whole process is called the fashion cycle. Each season has a different look, but there is always a basic theme that runs through the collection.

When a designer creates a new line of clothing, it’s very important for him to be mindful about the current trends. He has to be creative in order to come up with designs that will be a hit and sell. But, he has to be careful not to lose the essence of his brand. He also has to make sure that the clothing is functional, comfortable and fits well.

Once a clothing design becomes a hit, it will be worn by both men and women. Then it will be promoted by the fashion industry and it’s up to the consumers to decide whether they want to buy the item or not. This will continue till the next season, when a new design becomes popular.

Apart from expressing an individual’s personality, fashion can also be used as a symbol of status, cultural norms and values, mood and emotion, group membership and life stages and milestones. For example, wearing a suit to work can symbolize professionalism and authority, while ripped jeans and a protest T-shirt can symbolise youth and rebellion. Fashion is also used to reflect social changes and environmental issues. For instance, using green materials in clothing is seen as a sign of environmental consciousness. This is because they are biodegradable and non-toxic. In addition to this, they can be recycled and reused easily. This is a good alternative to plastic and synthetic clothes, which can take up to 200 years to decompose.