The Benefits of Team Sport for Children and Teenagers

Team sport is a great way for children and teenagers to socialise and stay active. It also teaches a number of important life skills such as teamwork, respect, compromise and the importance of hard work and practice. This is a highly competitive world that kids will find themselves in, whether at school or in their chosen career so a good foundation in teamwork will help them succeed. There are many different team sports to choose from such as football, American football, basketball, cricket, handball and water polo. Depending on the child’s energy levels, artistic streak and their willingness to push themselves there is sure to be a team sport that they will love!

Teamwork: Team sports teach children to put the needs of the team above their own, a key skill for successful working relationships. This can be applied to the workplace as well as the classroom, where clear and effective communication is vital. Boys in particular will learn how to cooperate with their teammates and to understand that their own success depends on the success of their team, rather than their own efforts alone.

Problem Solving: Team sports encourage a certain amount of critical thinking, as players must devise tactics to tackle different opponents and game situations. This will hone their ability to think on their feet and to be creative when needed, which will be beneficial for them both in the sporting arena and in their future careers.

Respect: Playing a team sport teaches respect for one’s coaches and other team members, as well as a respect for one’s own abilities. This can be carried into the workplace where it is important to respect one’s boss and coworkers, as well as oneself.

Self Confidence: Being part of a team sport can be quite confidence building, as it is not just the individual player who is being judged. A good performance can boost a person’s self esteem, which is something that can be carried over into other areas of their life.

Happiness: There is evidence that being involved in a team sport increases a person’s happiness, possibly because of the sense of belonging and community they feel. There are also a number of health benefits, as regular physical activity builds endurance and strengthens muscles.

In addition to these pedagogical benefits, participating in team sport is simply fun! There is nothing like a good game of football or hockey to bring together people from different backgrounds, cultures and regions in a spirit of comradery and fun. It can help to relieve stress, and it is a good way to meet new people and forge friendships that may last a lifetime. So get out there and give it a go! You may just be surprised at the positive effect it can have on your life! – Posted by Team Sport.