How to Make Relationships Work


Relationships are part of being human, and there are many ways to make them work. The key is to be patient and communicate with your partner. A relationship takes effort, so be prepared to sacrifice for your partner. It also takes a commitment, so be honest and faithful. You can do this, but it takes time.

They can be positive or negative

Relationships are good for a person’s well-being, but not all relationships are positive. If you are constantly questioning whether or not your relationship is healthy, you might be in a relationship that is negatively impacting your well-being. Many people don’t realize that they are experiencing a negative relationship dynamic. This dynamic is known as a codependent one, wherein the needs of one partner are met at the expense of the other’s needs.

Often, relationship problems are the result of poor communication. Whether communication is face-to-face or through text, a relationship may be negatively affected by poor communication skills. In addition, relationships can be negative when one partner does not communicate effectively with the other.

They require communication

Good communication is the backbone of a good relationship. Without it, a couple can become far apart and eventually lose their feelings and affection. But, when done properly, it can help to strengthen relationships and build stronger bonds. Similarly, communication is essential in other types of relationships, including co-workers, friends, parents, kids, and more.

They require compromise

In every relationship, there are issues you must be willing to compromise on. These can range from simple disagreements over where to eat to more complex issues, like where to raise children. Compromise is a necessary skill in a relationship, and most people don’t even realize that they do it. When you are able to compromise with someone, you demonstrate that you respect their point of view.

A healthy relationship will always look for compromise that benefits both people. In the process, it will sacrifice itself and try to offer the best it has to offer. However, an unhealthy relationship may approach compromise in a selfish or manipulative manner.

They require mutual respect

Mutual respect in relationships is an important element in building a healthy relationship. Respectful communication is essential, as is considering your partner’s opinions when you make decisions. Both partners should be able to express themselves without fear of being ridiculed or ostracized. According to relationship expert Saba Harouni Lurie, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles, “respect can be lost when one partner defines it only on his or her terms.”

Mutual respect requires a lot of work. The relationship should be a true partnership, not a competition. There should be no hierarchy of power and no dominance. The partner should be able to respect the other’s judgment and decisions, as long as they do not act inappropriately.